Sunday, October 16, 2011


Me and my wife are still here in Metro Manila. We are looking for some establishments that we could franchise. We had the map given by the airport information center and some materials for locating. But these things are not as good as what I am using right now. I am using the the services of Google Maps. Thank God this creative map was created. It is because it made our search easier and fast.

Right now, I can identify my current location by just using the Google Map service of Google. com. It is really cool using this map online. Imagine going to a strange place and without any direction device to guide you to your destination. The Google Map is really helpful for tourist like and my wife. Before going to a location, we use Google Map to search for the establishment that we are looking for.

Google Map is not just a map, it also gives directional guide , like transport services that we can use for us to reach our desired destination. Google map can also be access using Smart Android phone. This is the phone that my wife using right now. We don't need to open our laptop always to access Google Map. The Phone will be a convenient one to use. With Google Map around, we are sure that we will reach our destination on time and easy.