Sunday, October 16, 2011


Its our second day here in Manila and we are still familiarizing the city. In the morning, we had a walk from Avenida going to Ong Pin and back again. But before that we went to Quiapo church and heard the mass. The place was so much crowded with people in Quiapo Church. We bought some sampaguita flowers and gave it to the Black Nazarene at the back portion of the church. After hearing the mass, we went back to the hotel where we are staying and checked out. We immediately transferred to another hotel that is also in Avenida street.

It is already around 2 pm when we went again to another famous shopping area here in Manila, Divisoria. We went inside this mall that is full of stores selling their products. From bags to gadgets are all here. We roam around and bought some personal and pasalubong items for our family back home. We also bought a bracelet for our baby, Reese Arabella. From 1,500 original price, we got it by 500 pesos only. That is already a good price and we bought it immediately. We also bought some Eng Bee Tin products like hopia and ampao.

We went home by riding a public utility jeepney. I was afraid that we might not find our way home, just kidding. If I will stay here in Manila for just 3 weeks, I am very confident that I will be familiarized with the streets and highways. The only thing that I don't like about Manila is the high cost of food. In every meal, we would spend around 2oo pesos for our meal. Back home, 200 pesos is already good for the entire day's meal.

We did not ride a taxi today so that we will be able to save from the transportation expense. By tomorrow, we will be riding the Light Rail Transit or LRT. We will be looking for suppliers for our planned business. It will be a tiring day tomorrow and I guess we need to rest for the hard day by tomorrow.