Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I just arrive in the hotel with my wife. We had a wonderful 4 days here in Manila. This one of the trips that we are the ones without any companion in a strange place like Manila. We were able to use the train services from the LRT 1, LRT 2 and The MRT 3 transport train. For the passed 4 days, our hotel has become our home. In fairness to the hotel we are staying right now, it is a good place to stay here in Manila. It may not be the most expensive one but it is safe and clean to stay. The good thing I like about our place is that it is near all the train stations and it is very accessible to where we are going.

Tomorrow, our flight back to Davao is around 12 pm and we have to be in the airport station by 11 am so that we won't be late for our flight. We have bought several things as goodies when we get home. I am so tired right now because we went to the Divisoria area in Manila. We have to walk from corner to corner because stalls are everywhere and they are already occupying the main street in Divisoria. We will be arriving in Davao city around 2 pm and immediately, we have to go home because my wife has a meeting in their office. I have to drive again for about 2 hours just to get there.

What I miss in Davao is my little daughter. I am already accustomed to traveling but this is the first time that me and my wife are away from our baby. But since we will be home, I am sure that kisses and hugs will be in the air.