Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Reading the news sometimes makes me feel bad. President Benigno Aquino III visited Japan. He was delighted to be greeted warmly by children waving a paper flag of the country. It was an official visit by the president to Japan. He meeted with the prime minister and visited a school that was badly hit by the tsunami. The good president pledge a 1 million dollars as aid for the place. It was out of his presidential fund that he uses for his presidential purposes.

1 million dollars is a lot of money coming from a third world country. The pledge/donation was a humanitarian move but sometimes raises the eyebrows of people looking at it. The Philippines is facing a lot of calamities, including floods, typhoons and landslides. Maybe the president needs to visit areas here in the Philippines that are in deep need of his presidential fund. How ironic it is that a president from a poor and in need country giving out a 1 million dollar donation not even consulting the people that gave him the said fund. Giving is not bad. But giving someting that your country needs more is sometihing to think about.