Friday, September 23, 2011


Just the other week, I was having problem with my old cellular phone because I cannot contact my wife. As I passed by the cellular phone shop, I noticed this Nokia phone that was being offered. It was Nokia X1-01. After looking at it, I decided to buy it. The unit only cost around 1,800 pesos and it is already a best buy for me.

My Nokia X1-01 may not be the most modern cellular phone in the market but I love its features. It has a dual sim standby mode, it has an expandable memory up to 16 gig, user friendly and has cool features not available in my old phone. I also bought this X1-01 protector so that my phone will always be free from scratches and unwanted marks. What I like about this Nokia X1-01 is that the battery life reaches up to 4-5 days. I play most of the time music and my phone still can survive the days that I mentioned without short charging. I only acquired a 1 gig memory card. But I am planning to upgrade to 16 gig in the coming days so that I can add more songs in my MP3 file in my Nokia X10-01.

I am still exploring my Nokia X1-01 phone and I am still amazed by the features of the phone. The sad things of this phone is that no camera was installed in the phone. But I can live with that.