Wednesday, September 28, 2011


My brother is already 35 years old. Just the other week, he was told that his blood pressure is high all the time. He was given a drug to treat his cholesterol build that found during his annual physical examination. He was prescribed to take Crestor medicine. After talking the drug for several days, he noticed that his kidney area is aching. Immediately he went to their company doctor and asked for medical help. He went through series os test and they found out that his kidney is not in top shape already. He told their company doctor that he took crestor or R2 for his cholesterol build up. Immediately their company doctor told him that his kidneys were affected by the drug that he take. Crestor has been linked to some serious side effects of the drug. Immediately, their company told my brother that they are preparing the necessary legal papers so that they will file a Crestor lawsuit. We are very confident that justice will be on our side. We are supporting my brother all the way in fighting legally this case.