Thursday, September 29, 2011


Three years ago, my sister migrated to the United States of America. She is a nurse by profession and was immediately employed in a private hospital. For a year and a half, my sister worked there as a nurse. We always make sure that we call each other at least once everyday. In the middle of 2009, my sister told me that she is already tired working in the hospital and she wanted to shift to a new career. After a week, she called up again and told me that she wanted to become a beautician. I now that beauticians earn big but I was not expecting that from my sister who has top the nursing board examination.

But I respect her decision because I love her. She told me she was going to enroll at a beauty school and learn how to make a person beautiful. She took a course at a Cosmetology school so that she can be a beautician. Just the other week, my sister called me and told me that she will be going to Milan for a fashion show. I was surprise to hear that because my sister is now a successful beautician. In just few years and now she is now famous earning big time.

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