Thursday, September 29, 2011


Just arrive safely from my field work in General Santos City, the city where Shamcey Supsup was born. Well, enough of that. I was greeted by my little baby, Reese Arabella. She is already 1 yr and 2 months. I am very surprise to see that she already knows where her nose is. She was watching television when I arrive at home. Every night, me and my wife always talk about the things that our little angel must learn. It is our rule in the house not to mention and speak any bad words because Ara is learning fast and she might get something that is nothing.

Every time I am away, I always ask my wife about our little angel. Maybe I just don't want to miss the things that my little angel learns everyday. It really brings me joy and eagerness to go home as soon as possible so that I can spend more time with my little angel. I am just glad to be safe and sound with the people that I love around me.