Thursday, July 14, 2011


The Philippines used to be one of the most powerful country in Asia and even the world during the the 1950's. But all things have its end. Good things can turn bad if not handled well. This is what happened to the Philippines right now. Once a powerful country now a poor one. Corruption is the main cause of the Philippines deterioration in the world. The people elected people who are robbers and evil. It is sad to see the country right now. I cannot distance myself from the scene because I am touched when I am blogging this point of view.

I was born in the 80's the year where Martial Law was in order and democracy is slowing closing it for the kill. It was a year of victory because the people overthrow the dictator...Are we totally liberated? I guess not. We are still trap in the mud of the past and getting out of the mud is hard for the people.

The current government of the Aquino administration is trying its best to uplift the lives of the people and exterminating corruption. It is very difficult to get corruption out because during an election, we don't elect from the good men, But we elect those who are lesser evil. Politicians in the Philippines are corrupt and that is a fact. It is very hard to move on because the people who are elected leaders are guiding us towards hell rather than in heaven.

This is about time that the government should think on how to increase the cash inflow and not relying on the dollar remittances of OFWs abroad. There is still hope for the country. Have a treasure not present in the Arab countries. We have our natural resources that we can tap right now. We have oil deposits in Palawan. But the government is too busy on the taxing job rather that finding the liquid gold of the country. The Philippines ranks high in gold deposits and even silver deposit. Too sad, the Philippines is going down with these things inside her sleeves.