Friday, July 22, 2011


I was so busy this week because of an emergency. My daughter was rushed to the hospital last Monday night due to acquired asthma. Our family has never any history of asthma and my wife's family too. But we were all surprise to know that our little angel has one.

Early Monday afternoon, my wife called me and said that our baby is sick due to cough. My baby has a cough for 3 weeks already but we just thought that it was just a passing cough but we were wrong about. We miss calculated the cough. It was exactly around 11: 30 in the evening when we rushed Reese Arabella to Tagum Doctors Hospital.

Initial finding was she has pneumonia but it went to asthma. Immediately, our baby was injected with dextrose. The problem was that , our baby was too big to find the veins where the needle to hit. It took around 3 time before the nurse hit the vein. After the dextrose was placed, our daughter was nebulized for her cough to calm down. My daughter was crying like there was no tomorrow. It so painful to see your little baby admitted in the hospital. But it was needed for her to get well.

Currently, we are still admitted in the hospital but we are planning to go to Davao City for a thorough check up on her status. Its our fith day right now and we are a little bit confuse with the findings in the hospital that we are in right now. I am hoping that my baby gets well because she is a good one and a blessing to us.