Monday, June 20, 2011


Today, I am officially 31 years old. My age is nearing its end in every calendar but I am not worried about it. Maybe I am just kidding around but seriously I am more eager to do things right now than before. I have decided to make a big leap in my life and that is by doing more productive things and not just playing around. I would like to thank the people that greeted me on my birthday. It is so nice to be remembered by friends and family on your big day. Aside from my birthday, it is also fathers day celebration.

To start the day right, Me and my wife went to the public market and bought some things that we will be cooking later on in the house. At exactly, 11:30 pm, the foods were already prepared. I called my brother, who also lives in Tagum City, and my neighbors. I also gave some foods to those near our house. It was a small celebration but a warm one.

After the eating ceremony in the house, me, my wife and baby went to the church to hear the mass. After the mass, we had our car blessed by the priest to make the car safe to travel. It was a busy day and all the things that needs to be accomplish were accomplished.