Thursday, June 16, 2011


When the NBA started, the Miami Heat was a force to reckoned with because of the big three composed of Dwane Wade, Lebron James and Chris Bosh. In the big three, Lebron James was more of the eye catcher among them because of his experience as a top player of his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Many beleived that Lebron James was the next big thing just like Michael Jordan. Scottie Pippen even gave his professional view about Lebron James and he said that Lebron James might be the best player that played the game of basketball and not Michael Jordan.

At the start of the game, Lebron James proved to be the best player. He average in double digits in the scoring department. With a wife body frame like Lebron James had, rebounds and blocking shots was not a problem for him. He showed the entire watching crowd, especially in Cleveland, that he is the best.

As the playoff started, Lebron James and team mates were really a force. They destroyed teams like the Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls. In these games played, Lebron James was a powerful, dominating and determined player. He was more determined to win compared to his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers. His presence in the court together with Dwane Wade and Chris Bosh was like a match made to win.

As expected, Lebron James dominated the eastern conference. The match with the Chicago Bulls was too easy for the Miami Heat. They were unstoppable the Big Three. They were already ready to face the western conference champions the Dallas Mavericks.

Game 1: Lebron James was in deed the missing puzzle for the Miami Heat. He was just everywhere in the court. He was playing basketball along with Dwane Wade and Chris Bosh. Lebron James made spectacular dunks and assist that made the home crowd wild and happy.

Game 2: Lebron James was really a force in the court. Shawn Marion was not enough to guard him. Lebron James ate the defense of Shawn Marion. But still Miami Heat was defeated by the Dallas Mavericks.

Game 3: Is a redemption day for Lebron James as the Miami Heat blazed the Dallas Mavericks in their home court. Many believed that Lebron James was unstoppable with the performance that he showed to the crowd in Dallas.

Game 4: This is the game were Lebron James did not exist. He scored 8 points in the game and bare recorded in the scoreboard. Lebron James did not performed well in the game. This time, Jason Kidd was guarding Lebron James.

Game 5: Lebron James made a statement after the game 4 poor performance that he will redeem himself in this game 5. Lebron James made a triple double in scoring, rebound and assist. But still was not enough to lift the Miami Heat to win the game.

Game 6: Game returns to the Miami Heat. It was a do or die game for the Miami Heat. Lebron James was expected to perform but still short of the expectations of the people. The Dallas Mavericks was too much for the Miami Heat. Lebron James was still questioned in his performance.

Scottie Pippen should not compare Lebron James with his ex-partner, Michael Jordan. Scottie Pippen will never be famous without Michael Jordan and that is a fact. Lebron James should try to remove the finals jinks on him. He is a talented player and well paid for that. He should dominate and not allow the other defender to impose and dance to his tune. 2012 NBA will be a good start for Lebron James. By this time, Lebron James will understand the word: Teamwork.