Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The game 6 of the NBA championships between the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat was a veterans versus upcoming superstars match. For the Dallas Mavericks, it was the last game that they must take to achieve their first ever championships. Going back to the past in 2006, the Miami Heat defeated the Dallas Mavericks with Shaquile O'Neal and Dwane Wade tandem. This 2011, the Mavs were more determined to get the tittle.

It started as a close match until the Dallas Mavericks pulled away lead by Jason Terry. Worth mentioning was the effort of Jason Kidd in defending Lebron James, who was not so productive as expected of him. Dirk Nowitzki was also the best player to mentioned. He scored 21 points and grabbed several rebounds.

The Dallas Mavericks showed more class in the game compared to the Miami Heat. The three point barrage of the Dallas Mavericks was unmatched by the heat. In the forth quarter, the Mavericks pulled away and never looked back. Now, they are the 2011 NBA champions.