Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have been in the logo making business for about 5 years already. Most of my clients would visit my shop and then tell me the details about the logo that they want me to create for them. It would take me about 5 days before I will be able to complete the logo design that I was commissioned to do. I was using the old style of logo making, the hand made one. I draw and I color the logo until I will be able to make one and present it to my client. The problem with hand drawn logo is that when there is a correction to the image that you made. I have to alter the image and start drawing again. It was hard but I have to do it because it is the nature of my business venture. I heard about graphic logo design and I wanted to try it. I heard it was fast and quick to make a logo for a business. And besides, graphic logo designing using the personal computer is more in right now compared to drawing the logo with the hand. Editing is quite easy. Now, I am the customer and commissioned a graphic logo designer to make a logo for my business logo design company. I saw really how fast my logo was made and it only took the designer around 30 to a hour to come up with the logo for me. No wonder graphic logo designing in the internet is very in demand right now.