Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My baby is already nine months old and soon, she will be needing her own room. Me and my wife are discussing every night before we sleep about the right time for the baby to separate from us and a new room for the baby is very much needed. my wife wanted the baby to stay in our room for about 5 year old. That's fine but a baby must have her own room as soon as possible. Currently, our house has three rooms available. The first room is occupied by us and the second room is occupied by our helper. The third room is idle and is only used for storage and I think it would be the best room for our baby. I already made arrangements with the Floor contractor who will handle the room preparation. I also have selected the color of the room for the baby and the cabinets that will be made inside the room. For more reference, I also looked at several home designs so that I would have more ideas on what to put inside the new room for the baby.

According to the contractor, the room will have no delay in the improvement because the room is perfectly maintained. The paint inside the room needed no retouch because it is still clear and clean. he only told me to buy some room varnish for the cabinets to look good. It would only take around 2 weeks for the preparation until the varnish smell will wear off before the baby will move in.