Sunday, April 10, 2011


Lego toy for the big boy, this what I was think when I was inside a toy shop. Lego has been around for a long time already and still the Lego toy has still an impact to adults. I remembered before I used to play this big toy with a childhood friend in their house. We make castles and spaceships with the use of Lego. Its very interesting to see again the brick toy once more. When I was inside the store, a father with his son was looking at the game toy and was very eager on buying it. The father must be very happy about it and will pass the Lego fever to his son.

Lego is a very creative toy. For a child of 4 years old, Lego toy stimulates the child fantasy to create things with the use of the toy. Just be careful that the toy won't be swallowed by the kid because the Lego toy is very small and can choke a child once place inside his/her mouth. My child is still young and Lego toy is just a no no for her. maybe in a year and a half, Lego will be nice for. But since I am still a kid at heart, A Lego toy is best fit for this big boy.