Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am a night blogger. I do the blogging every night because I cannot just blog in the office because I am paid to work and not just to blog. Blogging is very exciting. While blogging at night, I use my computer lamp that I bought 1 month ago in a computer accessories store in the mall. The computer lamp has 3 led lights and it is directly connect to the CPU usb port. I bought this lamp because my wife keeps complaining about the light because she cannot sleep while the light is turned on.

The computer lamp is very useful while blogging because I can see the keyboard well. And it won't disturb my sleeping wife and daughter. This computer lamp is very affordable and easy to use. Just plug it in the usb port and the lights will automatically turn on. If I can remember well, I bought this computer lamp at CD R king, this shop is very famous here in our city because of the affordable computer accessories that it sells. Lamp keeps it going and blogging is comfortable with the new computer lamp that I am using right now.