Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I just finished my editing when I decided to check my Adsense account. To my surprise, today's earnings is 1.40 dollars. This is the first time that my earnings reach this high. I know that this is just a small amount compared to other bloggers who incorporated Adsense to their blogs. But it feels good to have this amount. In my own observation, my Adsense account is doing good. I make sure that I check my daily stat because it inspires me to do what I am doing right now.

I plan for this month to post as many articles as possible because the more I make a blog entry, the more my Adsense account earns. I already told my technique for site visitors, key to the Adsense earnings. Currently, I am updating 3 gossip blogs and 17 personal blogs. Sometimes it feels so depressing doing the blog posts but when I see the earnings, I am more inspired to continue my blog duties. I guess I have to double time in the post and see the effect on my Adsense account.