Friday, April 8, 2011


Coffee is the second most traded item in the world. The first is gold then coffee. No wonder many people drink coffee during their break time and even during work. There are many benefits when we drink coffee. It speed up the metabolism of our body and it promotes good health to women who drink coffee. It has been recommend that a cup of coffee a day is already enough and beneficial to all. In excess of that is too much already.

I am always a milk lover. coffee for me before was just a drink for the oldies. When I started working, my officemates always drink their coffee and encourage me to try it. Coffee was the drink that I rarely try but since I wanted to explore the beneficial properties of coffee, I tried it. At first, it was just a sweet bitter taste of coffee. I cannot appreciate why people drink this bitter tasting drink. I tried one cup and then another. The rest is history after then.

Once I arrived in the office, I drink my coffee immediately because I feel good when I drink coffee. I am alert always and I can work without any rest at all, that's just too much ah. But honestly, I already like coffee. Coffee for all is very recommended.