Sunday, April 17, 2011


This week for Christians is a blessed week. It is the holy week and many Christians would visit their church to pray, reflect and seek the guidance of God. The holy week is considered the longest holiday for Christians and many are already preparing for their holy week madness for the season.

The beaches are packed with thousands of people who are looking for a place to gather all the family and friends. Just this week, local beach resorts are fully booked by locals and even foreigners who are looking for a place for the holy week. The traditional passion, seven last words and visita iglesia are still present but many would prefer the beach because it is very hot.

But for our family, we would just stay at home and observed the holy week. No beaches until easter Sunday. It is also accustomed that on holy week, pork meat are prohibited because of fasting and penance for the week. I haven't put ashes on my forehead so I am excused with the meat eating prohibition.