Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Many blogs right now have gone from simple to professional. Actually it is not difficult to become a pro blogger. To be a pro, your blog must have generated revenue and not just some personal post. There are many sites that you could submit your blog and earn revenue by writing post for companies and the easiest way to earn through your blog is by ppc search marketing and it is very easy. Most of my online friends are generating revenue on their blogs and I felt that I should try it too.

I remember in 2007, I first started to blog. It was just pure personal and my experiences daily. I good friend suggested that I turn pro by generating revenue from the blog that I maintained. I never imagine that I could earn by my blog until I started rolling in the revenue from it. It was very easy and I don't have any pressure at all. I call revenue maximization once you go pro. There are still other modes of how to make revenue on your blog and it is just up to you to find it. Currently, I maintained 10 revenue generating blogs and I make sure that I update it often so that that it would generate more revenue online.