Friday, April 15, 2011


My wife called me this evening and informed that she was not able to pay her credit card bill. The due date of the card is today and she has to pay or else she will have to pay for the surcharge from the bank. The surcharge usually range from 3.5% to 5% depending on the credit card company.

My wife directed me to go the ATM booth and pay for the card. I do have a credit card too and I usually pay on the counter and not on the machine. Since this is my first time to pay on an ATM booth, so I give it a try. The bills payment on an ATM booth is easy. Honestly, I was afraid that I might go wrong and press the wrong button on the machine. But I guess I conquered my fear on paying and using the bills payment option on the machine.

My wife always laugh at me because I am still using the traditional way of paying credit cards. But I guess this is far more easier and fast than going through the long lines of waiting. I will try next time paying my own credit card using the bills payment on the ATM booth next month. Banking today is far more easier than before.