Thursday, April 14, 2011


The baby is fine that was what my wife told me this evening because two days ago, our baby was not feeling well. We immediately seek medical attention for her by going to her pediatrician. We were advised to have the baby's stool and urine examined so that the doctor would have the right decision. My wife wanted the baby to be admitted because she was scarred by the baby's condition. Our baby would let out of her bowels at least 4 times a day and that is very scary for dehydration. And fecal of the baby is loose and wet. My wife was scarred about that. I was more firm than my wife. Fathers have the instinct of being firm and more scientific than emotional.

I waited 6 hours in the hospital for the results of the stool and urine examinations. After receiving the results, I asked the medical technologist about the result. She told me that the examinations conducted to our baby showed negative of any problem. But she still said that we have to present the results to the doctor for proper medical care.

I am so happy about the results. My vacation leaves were rewarded well with the results. After the doctors prescription, we immediately went home to rest. the 2 days of medical check up of my baby were very stressful to me. I cannot sleep and I feared that my baby would be admitted in the hospital. Thanks God she is okay.