Friday, March 25, 2011


A life of a blogger is not that easy as many would think it is. Pro Bloggers are quite different from other normal bloggers. It is because there is a monetary value involved when you become a Pro-Blogger. Posting in blogs is not enough. You must find ways to earn as you post and you get paid. Turning Pro is easy because there are so many sites that are looking for bloggers who can help businesses to get optimum visibility online. That is the role of the blogger, to give buzz to companies so that they will be visible in all search engines. It is a give and take between the advertiser and the blogger.

2 years ago, the blogging world of earning was silenced because of the economy of the US, where many advertisers are located, has lessen the opportunity of earning much revenue on blogs. Many bloggers even parked their earning blogs and get a real jobs in companies but others continued the legacy of blogging and earning.

Recently, many bloggers are joining sites that are offering jobs. I also joined the site and in just a couple of days, I was able to get tasks after winning the bid for the project. It was exciting! No wonder many bloggers have joined the site. I can testify that online jobs are real. I am still maneuvering through the site and I am learning new things everyday. But the bottom line is that online jobs are real.