Thursday, March 24, 2011


I was reading about an article regarding entrepreneurship regarding establishing your own business. After reading the article, I was moved by the idea that I can start my own business and be the boss of my own company. Currently, I am into blogging and online writing. I believe that I can excel in this department. I am the only one writing for every task given to me but there are also times that I request for help from my wife to assist me in the postings.

I have 10 blogs that I maintained and update daily. Among the blogs that I have, I like the gossip blog that I created because it attracts more visitors compared to my other blogs. This gossip blog is made for the purpose of adsense by Google. It is generating bucks and it is doing pretty well. I intend to hire more bloggers to help me in the postings. I tried this once as I hired one person to make recipes for me and I post it in my recipe blog.

I want by online business to grow and I cannot do this alone. I will be aggressive this time. I will be more active in blogging in the coming days.