Thursday, October 1, 2009


I just got home from Shoe Mart Shopping Mall here in the city. I bought some things for somebody close to me. I have been a home buddy every since. I would prefer staying at home and doing things alone. I may be a loner but I can still mingle with others. Tonight I realized that I miss someone very dear to me and that is my wife.

After our wedding, we haven't spent real quality time together. The Hong Kong trip was not enough to be called a quality time. But I am planning some thing for her. Our first year anniversary is upcoming and we have not yet finalized the details of the celebration. We are planning on going to Pearl Farm and stay at Marco Polo Hotel here in Davao City to commemorate the tie that bond us for lifetime.

This is very real for me to say that I love my wife very much. Many guys would find it hard to say this but I am the exception to that. My wife is very special to me. She will be my half side for life, until we grow old.