Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This afternoon, I was in Padada Davao Del Sur to do my regular routine field work. I was surprised to noticed that the public utility vehicle did not enter the public market area. It was strange for me to see that. I thought that it was just a market day for the town. But a fellow told me that it was their town feast.

In the market area, many stores and sidewalk vendors occupy the grounds. Movement was limited because of the people celebrating the town feast. I tried my best to squeeze my way into the crowd and finally I reached my first destination. I cannot see the pharmacy's signage because of the crowd. I have been in Padada several times already and maneuvering in the town was not a problem for me, only this time.

Most local residents of Padada Davao Del Sur would prepare food in their houses and welcome guests to their homes. This is like the traditional feast in Bohol. According to my customer, there are many strangers visit their house and they will offer them food as thanks giving for the bountiful harvest of the town.

Other residents of nearby towns like Sulop, Malalag, Digos City and Malita would go to Padada just to celebrate the town feast. In Padada, Crime rate is very small and usually crimes committed are petty. Nobody goes to jail in the town. If only I knew that it was their town feast, I should have rescheduled my trip their. I saw also many drunk men in the highway. The bottles of liquor are scattered anywhere. This what I call A town feast.