Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have been teaching web site development and web site creation since 2004. Most of my students are my college friends and some close friends that are interested in building their own website. They often call me up and invite me to their place to teach them website creation.

I would say that being a teacher also makes me become a student in terms of learning new things from my students. What I learned is that having a good website is not enough. You must also have a good web hosting for your website. It is because there are so many web hosting services right now but you must be careful in selecting one. Their services vary from each other and also site features. Even the most experienced website developers would agree to what I am saying right now. That is why when I teach the course to my friends, I always suggest that they must have a good web hosting service.

One of my student/friend asked me where to find the right web hosting service for their website. I told him about, where you can find the right web hosting service for your web site. What is good about is that they have already ranked several web hosting service site and has made a comprehensive review on each site that they feature. To those who are into website development, I suggest that you visit now and find the right web host for your site.