Friday, October 16, 2009


Tomorrow, I will be going to the garden City of Samal to check a grocery store that I approved last year to have a credit line. I was informed by our salesman that the subject has already changed ownership. it used to be called Fernandez Store before. But now, the ownership of the grocery was already transferred to a Korean national, who is residing in The Garden City of Samal.

Before going there, I will first report in the office to get some things that I will be needing for tomorrow's trip to Samal. Just a piece of thought about the place. Samal Island is known here in Davao City as the place where beaches are abundant. The famous Pearl Farm and the always visited, Paradise Resort are just two of the many resorts situated in Samal Island. Tourism is the main source of earning for the Garden City of Samal. Aside from the beaches, there are also other agricultural products that Samal is known for. Like the coconuts or copra, mangoes, and hardwood.

I need to prepare everything that I will be needing since I will making a report after the trip. I will be canceling the credit line that I extended to the entity to prevent future loss for the company.