Saturday, October 17, 2009


It all started as a hobby of collecting rare coins with value. I was introduced to it by my friend who was a rare coin collector for about 10 years. I would say, my friends was an expert when it comes to rare coin collection and dealing. He was part of numismatics, a group that is respectable when it comes to rare coins.
At first I started with few coins and I keep it in my safe. He encourage me to buy more and told me that the prices of the coins will be increasing soon. I did what nhe told me and to my surprise, the coin price was indeed increasing. Since then, I got calls from different rare coin dealers asking me about my coins. They want to buy it. I never expected the price of the coin that I collected was that high and many would buy it from me. Now, I would say I am a full pledge rare coin collector. I don't just collect, I also earn from the coins that I collect.