Thursday, October 15, 2009


Its no nice to go home and had someone waiting for you. This is what I realized this evening after work. My wife was waiting for me to arrive from work. I told her that I will be home by 7 pm but I was early than that.

She already prepared the food for dinner and other things that are essential for tonight's meal. I bought some cold ice cubes in the nearby store for the juice to be cold when we drink it. Before when I arrive home, the house was dark and silent. Lights are on off mode and the only things that makes sound were my dogs.

This is the big difference when you are single and already married. Life is more enjoyable than before. Everyday is a brand new day. New things discovered and learned. My friends in the office always ask me about the things I do when I got. As always, it is nice to be home when somebody special is waiting for you.