Monday, September 14, 2009


The whole day, I was in the warehouse doing the physical count of stocks. The physical inventory is an annual activity done by our company to check the available balance in the warehouse and in the computer program. The two must be balance. The actual count and the computer stock status must be the same. If not, the warehouse department has so many explaining to do.

I was doing the count for the pharma products, the most salable products in our company. I have two assistants with, doing the counting, while I wrote down the figures as dictated to me. What make the task tiring is that, the warehouse is very hot and warm. It is like a giant sauna bath and dust was a problem.

After the entire day of counting, we will be doing the reconcile tomorrow. But I think I won't make it because I will be in the province doing my field work. I already made some sum up of the stocks and I also designated to my assistant the task of doing the reconciliation tomorrow.

The physical inventory is part of our accounting system to be able to maintain a strict standards with regards to stock balances. I am very confident that the physical inventory will be completed by tomorrow morning. I cannot go to the office since I have to leave early morning.