Saturday, September 12, 2009


I really don't understand myself. I very fond of buying things that I don't need. Yesterday, as I was on the bus from Calinan going to downtown proper, I saw this kid selling cigarette lighters. He was selling them at 2 for 15 pesos. I don't smoke but just for nothing at all, I bought one for 7 pesos. What I noticed about the lighter is that it has a mini flashlight in the bottom part of it. Maybe that was the reason I bought it because I was attracted to the uniqueness of the lighter that the kid was selling.

The lighter is now with me and this will add up to my nothing important collections. Buying something is really very amusing for me. I also acquired a Nike shoes, size 13, that is very huge for my foot. My actual size is around 10-11 inches and the 13 was beyond my imagination. After buying it from my friendly okay-okay store, I gave it to my brother so that he can use it during his basketball games.

Maybe buying things that I really don't need is my way of expressing my creativeness. I don't intend to use it. I just want to have one. who knows, I might use it someday.