Thursday, September 3, 2009


I just got married and my wife and I are planning to acquire a car that we will be using for our daily travel needs. It is because commuting is very tiring. I have selected already from the list of new cars that are available in the market right now. My wife likes the brand new cars for it's fuel efficiency and I like the old ones because of their durability to serve our travel needs.

My personal choice would be the Honda because of it's elegance and class beyond the other brands that are in the market right now. But we really need to discuss what car to buy since this will be used everyday. My wife prefers the van type of vehicle so that it can carry more passengers on board.

we are still looking at the cars that are available right now. We are not rushing because we don't want to miss the details on acquiring the car. We don't want to regret the car that we will be buying. We want to be sure and we considering all the things that we want before we spend our money on the car that we want.