Saturday, September 26, 2009


It's been quite sometime now since my last time a watch a movie on the big screen. Tonight was my visit after 6 months and I miss the movie house so much. I was with my mom, brother and sisters. We watch the movie of John Lloyd Cruz, Vilma Santos and Luis Manzano ( son of Vilma in real life).

The movie was all about a mom and his son. Mom moves in with son in an another country, and the son was living with he loves most his boyfriend. I know it is complicated but the story was based on a real life scenario. The movie was shot in New York City, the land of opportunities. The direction of the movie was superb and was well directed and filled with today's most promising actors in this generation.

What I realize after watching the movie was to love the time with your love ones. Spend time for bonding and taking time have quality moment with them. I know I sound kinda cry-boy. But that is what I felt after I watched the movie. I would say, it is a must watch movie for the family. Parents must not be afraid to let their children watch same sex relationships because that is happening right now. It is rationally accepted already. Parent must be open-minded about the story.