Tuesday, September 22, 2009


When I was still single, I used to occupy the third room in the house. It was the smallest room and it was made for just one person. The room has an electric fan, a bed, 2 windows, books and a closet. There is also a table where I used to place my belongings and other personal things.

When I got married, I transferred to the second largest room in the house. My former room became the stockroom in the house. Since nobody was going to occupy it, I was not able to clean it up. It was also my largest closet. I hang my shirts and newly washed clothes there and my shoes are all over the room. It was really a bodega for my personal belongings.

Just the other month, I realized that I really needed to clean the room up. It's been 5 years since the last clean up of the room. it is the 5 year old room and it has to be organized again. I started cleaning the room the other day and I just finished it this time. I also placed a new bulb light in the room so that I can see all the things that I really needed to arrange. After the clean up of the room, I guess the laundry will definitely follow afterward since I had so many unwashed clothes that I picked up during my clean up. This is going to be a tough job and I can do this alone.