Sunday, August 16, 2009


This week was a sad one for the Philippine Armed Forces. It is because 23 soldiers died in an ambushed in Tipo-Tipo, Basilan. The soldiers were supposed to be a reinforcement for the troops that were engaging battle against the Abu Sayyaf earlier but they were ambushed by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front troops in Basilan.

As I was reading the newspaper, I just can't control my emotions when I read the story about a wife of one of the ambushed soldier. Her husband send a s.m.s. message to her early morning informing her about their operation in Basilan. Her husband bid his goodbye to his wife. That was the last communication that she got from his husband. Later that day, she got a message from his husbands cellphone informing her that they (Abu Sayyaf) will behead her husband and told her that his husband is already dead. The bandit used the soldier's cellphone. It was a painful message that the wife of the slain soldier.

The group that ambushed the soldiers were the Moro Islamic Liberation Front or MILF. The Philippine government has a cease fire agreement with the group due to the upcoming peace talks that will held in Malaysia. This ambushed that was orchestrated by the MILF group is a clear indication of a violation of the cease fire agreement.

It has been confirmed that the Abu Sayyaf and the MILF are jointly participating together. By this event, the Philippine government should think of dumping the peace talks that do the all out war against these groups once and for all. This was has been around for about 2 decades already and this should end now. How many wives would lose their husbands?, How many children would lose their fathers? How many families would lose its balance due the loss of their head of the family.

The war in Basilan and some other parts of ARMM regions will never end. Peace talks is not a good option right now. These stupid people that are hiding behind the cloth of Islam should be dealt accordingly. To end a war, a war should be started so that it will end. The Armed Forces of the Philippines should act immediately and justice must be served and be given to the families of those soldiers that risked their lives for the sake of the country.