Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It's been quite sometime now since my last flu attack. By the way, sorry for not updating my blog post it is because I got influenza for the past 3 days already and it's very uncomfortable having this kind of sickness. For the past three days I have been drag on my bed. Not to mention the headache that I am experiencing almost every minute.

I got some medicines, like biogesic, neozep and herbycin for my cough. My day is really not right for the past three days. I went to Tagum City last night hoping that everything will be alright but I was wrong. I chilled and my fever was as hot as the sun. I thought blood will be coming out from my nose because I always experience that whenever I got fever, colds and cough. This is not dengue, malaria or A(H1N1), which many fear most.

I did not seek a medical attention. I am self nurturing myself from this sickness that I am experiencing right now. My wife was very nervous last night because of my fever and I requested her to wipe vinegar solution all-over my body to get rid of the fever.

By tomorrow, I think I will be alright and back to my good condition. I will blog more often to pick up the idle days of not posting. Have a nice day.