Saturday, August 22, 2009


I really give importance to family. Giving family quality time and spending time with each other is the most important thing of all. The other week, I personally organized a family outing. Last year, we went to the hills of Eden. I want it this time to be more fun and thrill-filled adventure. I decided to make the beach as our family vacation place.

When it comes to beach, nothing beats the Riviera Maya beaches. The location is known for their white sand beaches and has so many resorts to accommodate us. I personally selected Azul Beach Hotel, one of the Karisma Hotels that can be found in Riviera Maya. The hotel was the venue for the stay. The good thing about Riviera Maya is that the beach is so beautiful that no time will be boring for one's stay.

Our family vacation was for about 7 days and hose seven days were filled with fun memory and my cousins wanted the next family vacation be in Riviera Maya again. They will never forget the place forever.