Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My old habit is back again. I would confess that I am a computer game addict and that is true. If playing computer games is a crime then sue me. I tried to take this habit away from me but I failed to do so. The other week, my officemate told me about a game called Special Forces. This is an updated game of the famous counter strike game. The only difference is that in Special forces you earn your rank. it is very thrilling and an exciting game to play. To start playing the game, you must have an internet connection for the game is played online. Your computer must meet the requirement in specs before you can start downloading the game software. The process of downloading would take around 1 hour and a half.

After I downloaded the software, I immediately played the game. I thought it would just pass away but I was totally wrong. Now, I have to play and if I don't, my day would not be complete. My officemates, we would discuss the games that we played. In a way it has helped built a good camaraderie among us. Try downloading the game and you would confirm to what I am saying right here.