Thursday, July 23, 2009


To survive in cold places you must have a thick clothing with you. This is the most important that you should have to survive in cold places. I was once invited to climb Mt. Everest with my mountaineer friends. Out of my curiosity and desire to climb the highest peak in the world, I accepted the offer. I have been to many climbing expeditions and everest is just the finale of my mountaineering career.

We were 12 in our mountaineering group. We trained for about 3 months to make our body fit to climb the highest and the coldest place in the planet. The big day arrived and we were already in the foot of the highest peak. We went through station one without any problem. But we were caught in the middle of a storm as we climb the second station. It was very cold already and the thick clothing that I am using was very helpful in providing the heat for my body. It was too dangerous to continue the quest. Our Team had to disengage our mission to the peak for safty reason.

Without the proper clothing, I will never had survived that grueling experience of climbing the hight peak. My team safely arrived in camp one and many mountaineers were also there. They decided not to continue because of the cold weather. It was freezing and unsafe to climb.