Saturday, June 27, 2009


Now that the KING of POP has passed away, his position is vacant. And in the old times, when the king has passed away, there must be immediate replacement or much called successor to the throne. There are only two qualified contenders for the KING of POP throne and these contenders are; Justine Timberlake and Usher Raymond.

These fine young men are making hits in the POP industry. Justine Timberlake has an awesome career and one of the most bankable artist in the music industry today. Usher Raymond has also made his name in the POP industry. Who would forget his songs and collaborations with other artist in the music industry.

For me, these are the only two who qualified for the Position to be the next King of Pop in the music industry. I know if only Michael Jackson was still alive, he would pick among these two fine artist to be his successor to the throne and be called the King of POP.