Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We have been living in our house for the past 40 years already. Since it was built, there were no improvements made except the garage. It used to be made of wood and old tin sheets. But now, it has been reinforced with steel trusses. I think the house needs a little major improvement. I am thinking of renovating the comfort room. I want it to have new tiles on it and bowl that works. The door needs to be changed and the shower system is busted (figuratively speaking).

I have already been to City Hardware to check some new tiles and new designs for the comfort room. In City Hardware, you will find everything that you will be needing in your house. From tiles to hardware equipments are all there. I did not find any problem looking for the tiles that I wanted for my comfort room renovation needs. The sales representatives were very accommodating to my inquiry. By next week, I will be making the materials purchase so that the renovation will start immediately. I need to contact also some carpenters for the construction.

In my assessment, the renovation will last for about a month. I will be using the other comfort room in my mother's room for my bathing activities for the moment while the renovation is on going.