Sunday, June 7, 2009


I used to have 3 glasses of coffee in the morning and another 3 glasses of coffee in the afternoon. I only drink coffee in the office and never at home. maybe because the coffee is readily available and easy to prepare. But later I realized that I am not drinking the right drink for me. I also noticed that every time I drink coffee, I lose my appetite on eating. I would even not have my lunch because of that. I know that I needed to change what I am drinking because according to the health magazine that I always read in the morning, coffee is good because is fasten our metabolism rate and keep us always in shape. But the problem about drinking coffee always is that you loses your focus and you get frightened easily. I also believe that coffee drink leads to ulcer. That is why I stopped drinking coffee and I went back to my old ways by drinking milk everyday. According to the health magazine that I read daily, milk is good because it give our bones the calcium needed to prevent osteoporosis. Two glasses a day of milk is ideal for all. Now, coffee is out of my system and I don't like the taste of it. I prefer milk rather than coffee.