Saturday, May 23, 2009


Men are said to be naturally polygamous in nature. I know many would react to that statement but that is what most men believes that they are naturally polygamous. But actually there is something that a man is looking for in a woman that is elusive as a an eel.

Let us slowly venture into the quiet world of men. This is what i think and many would react but they cannot do anything about it. Let's start shall we. There are many things that man would consider in finding the right woman for him. Most girls think that it's the looks that counts but they are totally wrong about that. Men wants more than just looks. That means the inner beauty is now being the basis for men to say that this is it! Men wants beauty within and not just the physical since the physical qualities vanish as time goes by. When men find what they are looking for, they just go for it.

Ladies think that men are insensitive to their feelings and so they mood swing most of the time to get attention. But actually guys are sensitive and feels the ladies very much. Guys love women that are caring and sensitive to his needs and affections. We want to be pampered just like little kids. We want our ladies to be like mothers that always look after us. Because we stray often times.

Guys love girls who know how to cook. That is very evident that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. We love to eat inside the house and not some fancy restaurant that ladies call romantic. We want to see our partners doing the kitchen work while we wait and until the tasty food is prepared and ready to serve.

Guys love girls who are respectful and supportive. Respect is the basis of every mans' love to their lady. Man often time prefer to dominate (healthy domination) and prefer that their ladies listen to them and not shut them up.

There is a notion that women go for guys who has lots of money and these are the girls we try to avoid. We want to be cared specially and not because of our financial strength. The bottom line is love and not the quantity inside our wallets. Materialistic women goes to hell on date.

Most importantly, guys do not like to cheat on their ladies and that is a fact that I feel is true. We are still afraid of the place called hell and the word called karma. The cheating starts when our ladies start to lose respect and love for us. we want to feel special and pampered that that is what we look for our lady partners.