Saturday, May 23, 2009


I would describe a public market as the melting pot of every product there is in town. A public market is arranged in parts. Just like your friendly grocery store, there is also the wet market, the dry market, the vegetable area, the livestock area (not found in the grocery store), the poultry area, the flower area, the fruit selling area and the famous ukay-ukay area (the second hand clothes for sale).

Many still prefer to go to the public market because everything they need can be found there, especially the strange ones too. There is a big difference when buying in the public market and in the grocery. First would be the prices. The price difference is material. Many people who are engaged in the food business prefer to buy their supplies in the public market because of the price difference. Second would be the quality of the product. Market items are more fresh since from the farm it goes directly to the selling area. Meats don't have to be on freezers in the public market. Third would be time. The public market is open as early as 3 am. Grocery and supermarkets would open at 10 or 11 am.

The most favorite part I like in the public market is the wet department. here you will find fish, pork and beef meats, chicken meat, goat's meats and more. There is what they call the mascara or literally translated as the face of the pig. This face meat is the main ingredient of the dish called sari-sari. The fish selling area offers a wide variety of fishes sold per kilo. Crabs, lobsters, shrimps, big and small fishes, sharks and others more are all here. You won't find shark meat in the grocery stores only in the public market. Before my grand father used to tell me that he would buy live monkey in the public market. He would slaughter the monkey for it's oil that is very effect herbal medicine against rheumatism. The Chinese also believes that monkey meat is a very good aphrodisiac as a stimulator for a good drive.

Magic and sorcery objects can also be found in the public market. You will find different things for making a potion of love, cursing, healing and more. You will find these things in areas in the public market where there are few people passing or in strange areas in the public market. Just a little caution when buying in the public market. As I said it is the melting pot of all things and that includes snatchers and hoodlums. Beware of them. They are not sold there but they will take your budget away.