Saturday, May 30, 2009


There are so many events in our lives that can be called good and those events that are considered bad or what we call traumatic experiences. These experiences usually lingers in our thoughts and make us lose our focus in things that we are doing. Traumatic experiences can be classified into two. One would be the Physical trauma and the other one what we call the psychological trauma.

The Physical Trauma is described to be events that occurred causing some physical harm and continues to stay as evident in the physical look of the person. Usually this type of trauma is caused by injuries acquired from a vehicular accident, battering, physical abuse and others more. There is a mark that will always remind a person of the event that happened before.

The Psychological Trauma is described as past events in our life that is caused by other factors that are not inflicted in the physical but in the psyche of the person. This type of trauma is very devastating and can lead to insanity and even push a person to commit suicide.

People who are experiencing these types of trauma can be helped with the help of friends and family. As friends, we need to make sure that the person feels that he/she belongs that friends will always be there for her/him whenever he/she needed them. The family plays the crucial role in the recovery of the person who was traumatized by events, physical or psychological. As family, we must be always around and will assure the person that everything will going to be alright. Family will always be family no matter what happens. This is how important a family member is to a person who was traumatized by events.

Events that are traumatic:

1. Death of a family member or a friend.
2. Physical abuse.
3. Accidents.
4. Sexual abuse.
5. Drugs and other prohibited substances.

There is still a chance for recovery to those persons who are in this type of stage. We need to help them in order for a fast recovery from an event that is considered traumatic.