Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I will be going to Davao Oriental tomorrow. It is driver of the motorcycle that bumped my Honda City will be paying me partially for the total damage. I have to be there before 12 noon and will just inform them when I arrive there. I asked my brother if he could come with me. But he told me that today is his schedule to Davao Oriental. It means that I have to go there own my own. I have to prepare some of the paper works for the payment. All I want is the car to be repair and that's it. I could have gained more from this event but I would rather make sure that my car is fix.

I have to leave early so that I will reach there early also. The auto shop where I took my car for repair told me this evening that I need to add 2,000 pesos more as advance for the car repair. The car repair will be complete by this week. This I learn from this incident. Defensive driving is very important when you are a driver. It would be better to give way than meet an accident. In this case, I was unaware of everything. I only know that I was bumped and the party that bumped me must pay the repair.