Saturday, December 6, 2008


There are so many jewelry shops right now that offer different kinds of jewelries to its customers. That is what I observed right now and if you buy a jewelry in any of these stores that are around, definitely your jewelry has a duplicate, exactly the same. People who are fashionable should avoid this kind of scenario, especially when you are going to a party. There is a fashion jewelry that is unique and made only for you. That is what they call the a jewel made for you. I remember attending a gala night in a museum. All of the people that where there are all prominent people in the society. My friend's wife was so showy about her jewelries. She roam around the entire floor talking about her expensive jewelries, not knowing that she is not the only one wearing that kind of jewelry. In fact, the jewelry that she was wearing was like a common thing because many women in that celebration were wearing that the same jewelry. I realized that custom made jewelry is more likely to be worn in that kind of even. Unique and elegant.