Saturday, December 6, 2008


I am not really the type of person that would watch shows on TV. Last night while waiting for my wife to arrive, I was watching this Pinoy Fear factor that was held in Argentina. It was cockroach episode, as I would call it. The contestants were task to put as many cockroaches in a crate and take note, they don't use their hands but instead their mouth was more like it. Cockroaches are the most dirty insect in the world. They are the carrier of many diseases, deadly to mankind. After the contestant finish transferring the cockroaches to the crate, it is then counted by the officials. The most number of cockroaches, the better for the contestant to be away from the rounda de elimination or the round of eleimination ( I hope I got that right). There are still 7 contestants remaining. The winner would receive a house and lot, 2 million pesos and a recording contract with Star Cinema! Fear factor is scheduled at 10:30 pm, Philippine time.